Everything About Super Bowl 2020 Halftime Show

Superbowl 2020 also known as Superbowl LIV is a grand football league event. Bet our readers already knew that. This will be the 54th Superbowl and 50th modern-era National Football league championship game. Now, that’s a fact which only a few know about. The seventh different decade of the games will be marked by this event. The game is scheduled for 2nd February 2020 and the venue will be the Hardrock Stadium at Miami. 

Well, there is enough information about the schedule and other things about Superbowl on our website. We would be adding some fun information here and would inform and educate our readers about the halftime show of this event.

Super Bowl 2020 Halftime Show

Halftime show with any Superbowl event including this one is full of glamour and excitement. It is something that the audience of the game yearns for equally as the match itself. We can safely say that the Halftime show is equal in popularity as the Superbowl itself.

Superbowl Halftime for 2020 is officially sponsored by Pepsi and is known as the Pepsi Superbowl LIV halftime show. The official broadcaster for the event will be FOX networks and one can catch the entire halftime show either on FOX TV television format or FOX live stream that would be available on official FOX TV App and other  OTT content providers apps. 

Super Bowl 2020 Halftime Show details

The J-Lo & Shakira Factor

Hold your breath – The Superbowl 2020 halftime will get its dose of glamor and zest for the game by featuring Jennifer Lopez and Shakira. Yes, these two pop stars will be setting the stage and emotions on fire in the upcoming Superbowl event. The announcement of the names of these two pop stars also came as a surprise to the fans. People were expecting rappers like Jay-Z and like to feature in the halftime show. Well, it’s an all mans game after all. However, the event organizers took everyone by surprise by announcing an all-female lineup for the halftime show entertainment. 

Well, who’s complaining, we surely are not. These two performers are queens of hearts for many generations. They have been ruling the pop culture for decades now. For Jennifer Lopez performing at the Superbowls is like another feather in the cap. Success has been her forte and performing at Miami will surely do wonders for her career. She has recently turned 50 and that means she has decades of fan following that would enjoy her performance at Superbowl LIV. 

J-Lo has also been in news recently for her performance in Hustler and people have not forgotten that yet. As for Shakira, she loves to perform at sporting events. From Soccer to Superbowl it seems that no major sporting event of global repute is complete without her rocking performance. Shakira in many sense is more popular than J-Lo. Both of them are rockstars in every sense of the word. They have both recorded albums in English and Spanish and their numbers are on the tips of the global audience. It seems like this Superbowl is going to be more fun than ever before. Let’s see how things roll now. 

How to watch the 2020 Super Bowl live streaming online – All Channels

Whether you are a fan living in the US, the UK or anywhere else in the world. We will tell you how to watch the Super Bowl 2020 on live streaming. And following this guide, you will not miss a single second of the live-action. There are a lot of broadcasters to telecast the mega event. And hence you will have a number of ways to watch the season Internationally or locally. And we will also help you from where you can watch the live stream of the Super Bowl 2020 not worrying about the irritating commercials.

Whatever will happen, the fans can get their dose of the Super Bowl series by live streaming which if you follow the advice in this article then you will be benefited. no matter where ever you are in the world, you can watch the Super Bowl 2020 live stream easily. And we are there to guide you and help you watch the Super Bowl 2020 not having to watch the boring ad breaks.

1. Fox Sports: Official Channel

Fox Sports is the official channel to watch the entire series of Super Bowl 2020. You need a cable TV subscription and the channel will telecast the championship also on website and mobile apps.

You can also watch CBS on devices like the Fire TV, Chromecast, Samsung Smart TVs, Roku, Apple TV, Android TV, Xbox One and others.

2. fuboTV

Second on our list is fuboTV, which is a great platform that features dozens of sports channels you can enjoy. There’s a single bundle to pick here, but you can add loads more channel packs and premium networks if you want to. In the fubo bundle, you’ll find FOX, so you don’t have to add other elements unless you want to when subscribing to fuboTV.

Those who want to make sure they can also record the game should know that fuboTV offers subscribers some 30 hours of storage space. They can always expand the cap to 500 hours by paying $9.99 per month. fuboTV further allows users to watch content on up two devices at once, but it’s possible to add another screen for $5.99 per month. Make sure to read our fuboTV review for more details.

3. Sling TV

Next, we have Sling TV which is a great platform that’s easily customizable. There are three bundles to choose between here – Orange, Blue, and Orange + Blue. You can add loads of channels grouped in packs based on their genre, as well as premium networks. Sling TV hosts Fox in the Blue and Orange+Blue bundles so you can choose either of these two.

Sling TV subscribers can only enjoy cloud DVR space if they pay for it, but it only costs $5 per month for 50 hours’ worth of storage space, so it’s not that expensive. If you choose to subscribe to the Blue bundle, know that you’ll get to watch content on up to three devices at once, while the Orange + Blue bundle comes with four simultaneous streams. Read our full review on Sling TV.

4. Hulu

Next up, we have Hulu, which is a great service. Originally a video-on-demand platform, they also added a live TV plan to fall in line with new demands for online TV on the market, but there’s only one bundle of channels that you can enhance by adding the premium networks available or the extra packs. The list of channels that Hulu has to offer includes Fox so you won’t have any issues in watching the Super Bowl.

Subscribers can record some content when they’re away from home, including the Super Bowl, as Hulu offers 50 hours of cloud DVR space. There’s also the possibility to upgrade to 200 hours of storage space if you pay $14.99 per month. The platform makes it possible for users to watch content on up to two devices at once. The limit can be nixed completely by paying $14.99 per month. Give our Hulu review a read to get a better understanding of all that the service has to offer.

5. YouTube TV

Another great platform we recommend you get is YouTube TV, a platform that offers dozens of channels and some great perks. What’s odd about YouTube TV is the fact that, unlike Hulu, there’s no real reason why they wouldn’t offer multiple bundles to pick from. And yet, there’s only one set of channels, giving YouTube TV a “take it or leave it” attitude. You can, however, add some premium channels. That bundle of channels we were discussing includes loads of channels, including Fox so you can watch the Super Bowl. So, go ahead and subscribe to YouTube TV to watch all.

What it lacks in diversity, YouTube TV makes up in features. The service allows users to record all the programs they want, offering unlimited storage space and an expiration date set nine months from the recording time. Users can also watch content on up to three devices at once, so your family can maybe enjoy something else while you’re playing “couch coach”. Read our YouTube TV review for more details before making a decision.

6. DirecTV Now

We also have DirecTV Now on our list, which is a platform that currently has seven bundles to choose from. Two of these were only recently added, namely Plus and Max, while the other five are actually older but were recently renamed and given a massive price hike. Fox is available in all seven bundles, so you don’t need to worry about having to dig too deep to find it when subscribing to DirecTV Now.

Users are allowed to record some content on DirecTV Now, but no more than 20 hours of programs. Unfortunately, there’s no option to expand the limit, which makes for a rather sad feature. Alas, users are allowed to watch content on up to two devices, and they can upgrade it to three devices by paying $5 per month extra. We have a DirecTV Now review with all the details you need.

7. PlayStation Vue

The platform that managed to get the highest score on our list during the testing phase was PlayStation Vue. This one offers four bundles, as well as a few extra channel packs and even a few premium networks. The list of channels provided by this service includes most of the channels that will enable you to watch the full Super Bowl season. In order to watch the Super Bowl via Fox, you’ll be able to literally get any of the four bundles you want to because they all feature this massive channel. We recommend going for either Elite or Ultra when subscribing to PlayStation Vue.

As a platform, PlayStation Vue offers users the possibility to record up to 500 programs to watch later. You may also stream to five different devices at the same time, or, if you’re up for it, you can watch three programs at the same time, on the same screen. Make sure to give our PlayStation Vue review a read to get a lot more details.

How to watch the 2019 Super Bowl live streaming online

How to watch the 2020 Super Bowl using a VPN?

There are lots of services to watch the Super Bowl online nowadays, be it streaming services, TV network websites, or live TV platforms. But the thing is you cannot watch them everywhere as the services are geoblocked. Fortunately, there is a solution that is not at all difficult to fix. All the platforms can detect the location by accessing the IP address just like all the websites do, and those can be changed very easily and make it that you are somewhere else. To get this, however, you will require to buy a subscription to a VPN service.

Below is the setup guide.

  • First, you should look for a VPN service that is reliable and versatile. We’ve reviewed dozens of these over the years and we can recommend you ExpressVPN. Start by visiting ExpressVPN’s website and subscribing to the service.
  • Then, you should download the app and install it on your device. Launch the app and log into your account.
  • Now, you can look for a US-based server – don’t worry, there are dozens of those available. Connect to one!
  • As soon as the connection is established, you can load the live TV platform such as fuboTV to watch the Super Bowl.

Connection to a server located in the UK.

First, open the VPN app, click ‘select location’ and choose a location in the UK. It could be anyone and it is not difficult to do. The main purpose of choosing the UK is because it will be telecast live for free, so once you have an IP address belonging to UK, you are free to catch the live-action of the 2020 super bowl with no hassles at all.

Tune into TVPlayer.com

The TV Player is an online streaming platform, with which you can watch the Super Bowl 2020. It is a legal and absolutely free, offering a number of channels. Among the channels on TVPlayer.com you can choose the BBC One with which you can watch the full event. BBC does not cater to any of the ad breaks, so there will be no interruptions while you watch the Super Bowl 2020.

With the TV player, you always record the content, which you can keep for later viewing. You will have to register on the account and set a payment method. The channel will also offer a 14 day free trial period.

How to Watch the Super Bowl 2020 with an Antenna?

One of the go-to methods for live streaming in recent years has been buying TV antennas. These devices are relatively cheap and you get to watch TV for free once you’ve set it up. There are numerous advantages to this move, but there are also some disadvantages such as the fact that you only get to enjoy a limited number of channels that still broadcast over the air.

Before you move forward, however, we suggest you pay a visit to a site like NoCable which will tell you just what channels are available over the air in your particular area. If the list of channels satisfies you, then you can take the info that’s available in there and use it to pick an antenna. We’ve already given you one suggestion, which is highly appreciated by users, but you can do your own research, of course.

How can you watch the Super Bowl 2020 on Reddit?

With most of the content that we watch online is charged fans are on the constant lookout for free services. And that’s when Reddit comes in play. It is the only free service that you can watch the 2020 Super Bowl without paying a single penny. First things first, create an account with your details on the platform. Then search the feed with the relevant keywords. A number of links or the subreddits will be displayed. Now you can select the best link of those which gives a good quality picture and no ad breaks. And then you can enjoy watching the Super Bowl 2020.

Who will be the winner of the 2020 Super Bowl?

Well, that’s the big question everyone is thinking about. Surely, it will be the sixth Super Bowl for Tom Brady. Or can the Los Angeles Rams hold off the New England Patriots? Let’s have a preview on the NFL winner’s path for Super Bowl 2020

The franchise of Los Angeles has fared a little better in the regular season. Their impressive record of 13-3-0 stands out. New Orleans Saints were the only team who were able to match the record at the conference finals. And when Sean McVay was named the head coach in 2017. He became the youngest person to coach any side in the history of the NFL. He is doing everything to impress the critics and hopes to create history all over again.

But the New England Patriots are coming into the tournament with huge game experience. And is their 3rd Super Bowl appearance on the trot. Not to forget that they have the arguably the best quarterback in the lineup. This time they will have the opportunity to be the most successful team in the history of the NFL. They will share the honors along with Pittsburgh Steelers.

Super Bowl Past Winners List

The Super Bowl is on the way. Here’s a list of the past winners as the NFL’s 100th season and upcoming Super Bowl will be scheduled in Miami.

Super Bowl Past Winners List

Super Bowl 53

In a defensive-minded Super Bowl 53, the New England Patriots won the 2019season against the Los Angeles Rams in Atlanta at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium. It was the lowest score in Superbowl history. Both the teams were on equal scores of 3-3 as they entered the fourth quarter but then the Patriots scored 10 unanswered in succession to seal the victory.

The Super Bowl 53 was the first time that the Mercedes-Benz Stadium held the match and the third time in Atlanta.

Super Bowl 52

The Philadelphia Eagles played the New England Patriots which was n direct classic wherein multiple Super Bowl records were broken. The quarterback Nick Foles fended off Tom Brady and the reigning champions New England Patriots. The game was played in Minneapolis at the U.S. Bank Stadium. The Eagles won the game by scoring the final nine points and clinched a 41-33 win along with their first Super Bowl championship.

Super Bowl 51

The New England Patriots began by beating the Atlanta Falcons 34-28. On Feb. 5, 2018, Super Bowl 51 was played in Houston at the NRG Stadium in Houston. The Patriots started badly; they were trailing the Falcons by 25 points at the end of the third quarter. In the fourth quarter, in the overtime, the Patriots were on top finishing the match with a score of 34-28. It was the first Super Bowl that was decided in overtime.

Super Bowl 50

The Denver Broncos won against the Carolina Panthers, defeating them with a score of 24-10. The tournament winners were decided in Santa Clara at Levi’s Stadium on Feb. 7, 2016, California. The Panthers arrived with a score of 15-1 to the game which was a season record. They made it to the Super Bowl for the second season in their tournament history. The Broncos marched to the Bowl with a season record of 12-4. The Broncos were the early leaders and never looked like trailing till the end.

Super Bowl 49

The New England Patriots defeated the Seattle Seahawks at the Super Bowl 49. The win over Hawks was the fourth title for the Patriots. The finals were played in Glendale at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Arizona.

Super Bowl 48

The Seattle Seahawks won against the Denver Broncos secure the 2013 season Super Bowl title. This was the largest margin of Victory.

Super Bowl 47

At the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, Baltimore Ravens won against the San Francisco 49ers 34-31 to win the 2012 title. On Feb. 3, 2013, the game played at New Orleans. The 49ers had a regular-season record of 11-4-1before the beginning of the tournament.

Super Bowl 46

The New York Giants defeated the New England Patriots and won the Super Bowl title. The match was held in Indianapolis at the Lucas Oil Stadium on Feb. 5, 2012. It was the fourth Super Bowl title for the Giants.

Super Bowl 45

The Green Bay Packers won the Super Bowl 45 by defeating the Pittsburg Steelers. The final was held in Arlington at the Cowboys Stadium in Texas. The Packers lived up to their reputation of being the favorites at the start of the Game.

Super Bowl 2020 Kodi and Roku Guide

There are a variety of options to watch Super Bowl live online starting from official channels to free coverage, this article guide you through Kodi and Roki. The 2020 Super Bowl season is almost nearing. Whether you like the college football or Super Bowl, you can watch all the matches live using Kodi and you do not require a contract. Kodi is an add on with which you can find live matches of all the Super Bowl Championship.

Super Bowl 2020 Kodi and Roku Guide

How to stream Superbowl live on Kodi

A wide range of entertainment content can be streamed on Kodi addons, which includes streaming of Super Bowl live. But there are a lot of addons in the market and the fans are confused to choose the best one. Although the regular season will start very soon, this guide will help you to know that Kodi is the best addon for the live streaming of the Super Bowl.

You must be aware that Kodi should be used only for programs that you can access in a legal manner. Legal authorities like the Comparitech advocates nor the Kodi Foundation use the pirated version of Kodi.

Kodi as an addon offers a combination of Paid as well as free content. Most are available easily in the Official Repository of the Kodi Addons. Although the development scene of the nature of Kodi is fast-changing, you have to find other avenues to get some of the latest updated versions.

How to Stream Super Bowl on Roku

Roku is a Streaming Player stick with it watching entertainment on TV is very simple. More than 50000+ channels are accessible for free and paid.

How to Set up Roku?

Connect the Roku Player to the TV also connect the device to the Internet. Register on the Roku account and activate the Roku player.

Why do I need an Internet connection?

Roku streaming players and TVs require an Internet connection to watch programs. Roku uses a wireless connection to bridge to the home network. They use wireless to connect to your home network, or a model is selected that provides an Ethernet connector that is wired.

What is a Roku account?

A Roku account is necessary to get the device activated and access the entertainment across several streaming channels. With Roku, there are no monthly rental charges for the device. You can easily buy or rent movies on demand and also get a subscription to some of the popular services such as Netflix by the addition of a payment method.

Plus you can access over 140 sports channels like the NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, FOX Sports GO, and WatchESPN. You will also get fitness, yoga and health channels. While some of the channels are free and others need a subscription.

What is the cost for Roku?

Roku streaming players are priced starting from just $29.99, and Roku TVs can be purchased from a number of TV manufacturers in the market at a reasonable price.

You will not be charged for streaming free channels or if you use a Roku device. You will be charged only for the channels such as Netflix you are using. The picture quality is also very good and it includes a clear image, color accuracy, and streaming contrast at a native output resolution. However, the quality of the picture is greatly dependent on internet speed.

Read more about Fox’s official coverage for Super Bowl 54 here.

Fox Sports officially holds the rights to broadcast Super Bowl LIV

Super Bowl LIV is a mega event that is loved by tons of people all over the world. Well, almost every single fan loves the event whereas you can get a chance to watch matches either being at the stadium or in an online fashion.

Taking a glance right at the Super Bowl LIV event, different strong teams relentlessly compete with each other. Well, each player tries their hardest to defeat the competition whereas only the best ones win the contest.

As of now, let’s go ahead and discover some of the most essential detailing about the Super Bowl LIV event.

Fox Sports broadcast

Fox Sports Official rights and Super Bowl LIV Details

All over the world, there are hundreds of streaming broadcasters whereas the best ones are a few of them. Also, as the world is slowly moving towards online streaming, you can find tons of streaming services coming into the picture.

Right from using the Sling TV affordable services to choosing FuboTV’s power-packed features, users try different streaming options.

Still, when it comes to the major streaming broadcaster, Fox Sports has to be the name that comes into the limelight.

Yes, Fox sports has taken the broadcasting rights where TV lovers can choose Fox sports channel to watch Super Bowl LIV.

Yes, Fox Sports offers amazing channel quality where you will not face any lags whatsoever. More to it, with Fox Sports, you don’t have to worry about the streaming quality of any sports show.

Whether you are willing to watch the boxing games or the NFL ones, Fox Sports are the true choice.

Therefore, if you are a TV lover, you can easily avail the Fox sports packages and watch Super Bowl LIV, the never-known way.

More to it, even if you don’t want television and are an online user, Fox Sports still offers brilliant services.

With the help of Fox Sports GO, you can easily buy the online streaming packages from the Fox Sports company.

Yes, for the online sports lovers, you can simply get the packages and watch Super Bowl LIV.

Talking about the streaming quality from Fox Sports, it’s surely above par. As soon as you will pay for the packages, you will get brilliant quality for each of your sports show.

Also, the companies have levied different servers which enhances the streaming to the next level.

Even in the device supportive section, Fox sports has done another good job. Time after time, the company has enhanced its device support whereas you can use Fox Sports to watch Super Bowl LIV.

Plus, the company offers some good days of the free trial period. Hence, you can effectively test the services and if you like the services, you can then buy the paid plans.

More Details About Fox Sports

For over two decades now, the Fox sports company has been standing strong. They have offered streaming support to most of the devices whereas quality has always been maintained.

Even more, the people who watch content on their big screen have loved Fox Sports company to the core. Right from offering support to the TV channel’s right to offer support for the online devices, Fox Sports has done a brilliant job.

Final Last Words

Well, Fox Sports has always been the king in the offline industry where they have improved every single day. Therefore, for the fans who are eager to watch Super Bowl LIV, Fox Sports is the first-ever choice.

Also, in 2020, Fox sports will cut down the number of ads that are shown during the matches. Hence, the fans can get more immersive and uninterrupted experience to watch Super Bowl LIV.

Also, they have got their servers spread in most parts of the regions. This delivers further better quality to watch Super Bowl LIV event.

Hence, at this stage, you will have to make a decision about whether to opt for Fox Sports or not. From our end, it’s a brilliant streaming service provider and simply the coolest in the online and offline industry.