Watch Super Bowl 2020 Live Stream Official Broadcast on Fox

There are a variety of options to watch Super Bowl live online starting from official channels to free coverage, this article guide you through all Super Bowl official broadcasting options plus Kodi and Roki. The 2020 Super Bowl season is almost nearing. Whether you like the college football or Super Bowl, you can watch all the matches live using Kodi and you do not require a contract. Kodi is an add on with which you can find live matches of all the Super Bowl Championship.

If you remember the previous Super Bowl, then it was the New England Patriots, who stole the show. It was a great feat to witness as it was their 11th win. Let’s jump to Super Bowl LIV, and hopes are again hitting the roof for this great team. 

Guess we just went with the flow, enough of nostalgia, let’s get to the point here now. So no matter which team becomes the King of the Castle, you would be able to watch the entire Super Bowl 2020 action from anywhere in the world. Just keep scrolling down and read what we have written. If you do so, you would surely be in a position to watch the live stream of the game that, too, most probably without any annoying commercials.

How to watch Super Bowl 2020 Live Stream Online from Different Countries?

Our article is here to serve the global audience, so we would be putting information accordingly. This will help our readers to zero-in on what exactly they need to Livestream the Super Bowl LIV from their region.

United StatesFox
United KingdomBBC iPlayer
AustraliaChannel 7
Other CountriesUse VPN


Watch Live Streaming of Super Bowl 2020 From USA 

Fox is the official broadcasting and live streaming partner for Super Bowl LIV in the USA. Just remember one thing if you are a US citizen with a subscription to FOX and is currently traveling abroad. You would not be able to access the service as it necessarily needs a USA IP to function. You can always use a VPN to access the same. Now Fox is the official Livestream agent here, that does not mean that you have to be stuck with them. In theory, every OTT content provider that has Fox in its bundle package will show you the entire event. Here is the list of OTT content providers in the USA, which you can use.

Youtube TV: For USD 49.99 a month youtube TV will provide you with access to Fox, CBS, ESPN, and NBC. Excellent service with flawless live stream quality, its a YouTube product after all.

Playstation Vue: Starting from 49.99 USD a month, PlayStation Vue provides you access to Fox, NBC, ESPN, and many other entertaining channels. The stream quality is good, and you get more bang for your buck here.

DirectTV Now: For a subscription price of 50 USD a month, you get access to channels like Fox, NBC, and many others. Not a wrong choice at all, there is a lot on offer here.

Watch Super Bowl LIV Online From UK 

BBC iPlayer is the answer here. If you are from the UK and wish to watch the Livestream of Super Bowl LIV, then tuning into BBC One using the BBC iPlayer service is the thing to do. BBC One broadcasting the Super Bowl is nothing new, and they have been doing it for the past five years. That’s not the only option available for people in the UK. You can also catch the Livestream on Sky Go. Just tune-in and enjoy.

Watch Live Super Bowl From Canada

CTV/TSN are the official broadcasters of Super Bowl LIV for Canada. Just download the CTV Go app, and you are all set. They have been offering the live stream of the game for a few years now. From our experience, we can say that the stream quality is outstanding, and you would have a trouble-free viewing experience.

Watch Live Streaming of Super Bowl 54 From Australia 

If you are a Super Bowl fan from Australia, then Channel 7 is all you need to tune-in to. Channel 7 is the official broadcaster for the country, and the live stream of the game can be accessed using their official app and web service. Just log-in and enjoy it.

How to stream Super Bowl live free on Kodi

A wide range of entertainment content can be streamed on Kodi addons, which includes streaming of Super Bowl live. But there are a lot of addons in the market and the fans are confused to choose the best one. Although the regular season will start very soon, this guide will help you to know that Kodi is the best addon for the live streaming of the Super Bowl.

You must be aware that Kodi should be used only for programs that you can access in a legal manner. Legal authorities like the Comparitech advocates nor the Kodi Foundation use the pirated version of Kodi.

Kodi as an addon offers a combination of Paid as well as free content. Most are available easily in the Official Repository of the Kodi Addons. Although the development scene of the nature of Kodi is fast-changing, you have to find other avenues to get some of the latest updated versions.

Super Bowl 2020 Kodi and Roku Guide

How to Stream Super Bowl on Roku

Roku is a Streaming Player stick with it watching entertainment on TV is very simple. More than 50000+ channels are accessible for free and paid.

How to Set up Roku?

Connect the Roku Player to the TV also connect the device to the Internet. Register on the Roku account and activate the Roku player.

Why do I need an Internet connection?

Roku streaming players and TVs require an Internet connection to watch programs. Roku uses a wireless connection to bridge to the home network. They use wireless to connect to your home network, or a model is selected that provides an Ethernet connector that is wired.

What is a Roku account?

A Roku account is necessary to get the device activated and access the entertainment across several streaming channels. With Roku, there are no monthly rental charges for the device. You can easily buy or rent movies on demand and also get a subscription to some of the popular services such as Netflix by the addition of a payment method.

Plus you can access over 140 sports channels like the NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, FOX Sports GO, and WatchESPN. You will also get fitness, yoga and health channels. While some of the channels are free and others need a subscription.

What is the cost for Roku?

Roku streaming players are priced starting from just $29.99, and Roku TVs can be purchased from a number of TV manufacturers in the market at a reasonable price.

You will not be charged for streaming free channels or if you use a Roku device. You will be charged only for the channels such as Netflix you are using. The picture quality is also very good and it includes a clear image, color accuracy, and streaming contrast at a native output resolution. However, the quality of the picture is greatly dependent on internet speed.

Read more about Fox’s official coverage for Super Bowl 54 here.

Thought you should know, the previous Super Bowl was made live in 7 languages and was seen from 170 countries. This shows the kind of madness that’s associated with this great event. Let’s see how things happen this time. We sure are excited.

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